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The Triumph of a Boring Logo

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When a Five Guys restaurant opened up shop near me, I was excited to to finally have a place nearby capable of filling my appetite for a burger on par with the Deluxe from Dicks Drive In (and eliminating the drive into the city necessary for acquiring one).  I'll go ahead and just admit that I frequent the place enough that I've downloaded their online ordering app onto my phone.  Maybe its because their glowing red sign is one of the last things I pass before I turn onto my street, acting like a runway beacon calling me in when I'm too tired to cook for myself.  The food is always good, the folks behind the counter are all friendly, but man, their logo... their logo, is just a little... boring.

Sampling Success

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Product samples have been an effective marketing tool for a long time.  Unlike mailing postcards or putting ads online, the comparatively high upfront costs of sampling can be intimidating at first. There are obviously cheaper ways to reach a wide group of potential customers, but they just can’t give the same tangible interaction with a product that samples can.

I experienced my own sampling success while working as the marketing director of Northwest Embroidery, an established manufacturer of corporate apparel and promotional items.  The company has always done really well with basic direct mail like postcards and catalogues, particularly with existing accounts, but with the right campaign, I felt there was still a lot of opportunity to grow the customer base.

7 Examples of Iconic Branding that Go Beyond Just a Logo

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Creating a strong, memorable brand is no easy task. While most people typically associate branding with company and product logos, branding goes much deeper than that. It’s not just about how something looks like. It’s about how we experience it. How we use it. How we perceive it in our minds. There’s a story behind every design choice.

So while logos are often the most recognizable symbols that distinguish one brand from another, other key elements such as package design and unique color schemes play an equally (if not more important) role in a brand’s identity.

3 Signs that Your Logo Needs a Makeover

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A logo is the most visible aspect of your company's brand. It will speak for its character and values, so rebooting it is a major task that should not be taken lightly.  A successful makeover can bring a new energy and excitement to your brand, but it can also turn off existing customers if done incorrectly. Whether going with some minor adjustments or a complete overhaul, here are some signs that may make you want to consider giving your logo a makeover.

Less Is More: On Advertising & Relationships

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When you meet someone attractive, maybe at a party or at your new job, it will be evident that both of you will know nothing about each other. Perhaps you were mesmerized by her shiny blonde hair or her tantalizing blue eyes, but that trifling feature about her enchanted you the moment your eyes met. Little by little, you’ll try to gain more information about her and you’ll even befriend her to see where things will go. It’s exciting to unravel someone’s real self, and it’s more fascinating when you realize that the reason you’re getting to know someone started only because of a minor detail.

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